Wednesday, January 14, 2009

today I enjoyed

1. banana nut oatmeal for breakfast.
2. my mom doing my dishes.
3. a quiet drive.
4. hours of fun at the sand table with Andrew at the Children's Museum.
5. hours of fun in the "Baby Hub" with Isaac at the Children's Museum.
6. a small bag of Smartfood popcorn, split with Andrew.
7. watching Isaac eat cheerios.
8. making potato-chive bread.
9. hearing "chooooo!! chooooo!!!" from Andrew's room during Quiet Time.
10. my fingerless mittens.
11. walking by myself to the pharmacy.
12. a soup and bread dinner.
13. bathing two slippery boys.
14. my mom doing the dishes (again!).
15. chatting with my sister.
16. blogging.
17. reading nice emails from friends.
18. hearing Andrew say things like "okay, Mommy!" and "yeah!" and hearing more positive words from him.
19. putting the boys to bed and the quiet that follows.
20. knowing that this hard phase is finally drawing to a close. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is stunning, I tell you, stunning.

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debs14 said...

Just keep in mind 'this is just a phase' - it will come to an end, (do they call it the terrible two's over there? only I found it was equally the terrible threes and the terrible teenage!)some phases are fun, and some are challenging. I think today you coped better and had more fun as you had 'backup' in your mum and relaxed more. And the kids would be excited at having Grandma come and visit. We all need backup at times, only sometimes it's hard to ask for it in case it looks like we are not coping. Can I say, as a mum of grown up kids, we like being asked to help. We miss being needed. It gives us a warm glow to think that even though our children are big now, there are times when they still need their mum.
I do hope that Andrew had merely hit a post Christmas dip, and that his behaviour altered only in an attempt to wean his mummy's attention away from that little brother of his. Sibling rivalry can start at any time, no matter how equal we share our time.
Being a mum? Toughest job in the world! But the most rewarding!