Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome Tess!!!

I have several things to tell you. First and most importantly is Tess Alethea Grossman was born early Thursday morning to elated Kirsten and Eric. And to elated everyone-else for that matter. She came out kicking and I have my hopes that she will be the spit-fire that I know is in there. She is certainly beautiful, but what I found unexpected is how beautiful Kirsten is as a new mom. It was so wonderful to see her with her new bundle of daughter.

Next on the list is a confession of sorts. I had my camera battery charging for the entirety of Kirsten’s labor and when it was time to go to the hospital to meet my newest friend, I left my camera battery in the charger. Therefore, I have no shots of Tess yet to share with you. But, I plan on elbowing in on their family time this weekend, camera in hand, to remedy that (oh, Kirsten. Can I come over?).

And lastly, I made this sign for the family’s front door and the banner below to hang over Tess’s bed. I avoided pinks for Tess’ quilt and Kirsten’s shower, but I just couldn’t help myself with pinks for these signs.

I am going to love having a little girl in my life.


Miss Vicki said...

Refresh me and your readers-Alethea is greek for what? Cute welcoming banners!!

Robyn said...

Alethea means 'Truth' and Tess means 'Harvester'. I'm thinking scientist maybe? Philosopher?