Thursday, February 26, 2009

bowls of spaghetti, here we come: part 2

If you really think about the equation baby + bowl of spaghetti you might notice that a good bib will really only solve part of the problem. And, if we are really honest, we know in our heart of hearts that a good bib, when faced with an onslaught of tomato sauce, will only solve a fraction of the problem, depending on the baby. (As a side note, Firefly can attest that my eldest thought tomato sauce was to be applied the way one would apply body lotion.) And aside from sending along a garden hose to parents of youngsters, I thought the next best thing might be a reliable set of heavy duty wash cloths.

I got the idea from the book Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. I used some of the spaceship fabric from the bibs to make a binding for squares of chanelle that I cut. They are thick and beautiful and glorious. And I love them.

I only just now realized that I should have made the wash cloths in hues that more closely resemble tomato sauce. Alas, crucial details will always evade me. It's inevitable.

And I need to tell you, as a way of keeping myself accountable, that I have a sneaky plan up my sleeve. I have enjoyed the bib/washcloth project so much that I am planning a round two. And, I am planning on making part of round two available for you to purchase. Now. There. I have to do it. Stay tuned....this is going to be good.


Ms. Walker said...

great idea! I love buying things from independent people, esp. moms!

Seeking La Loba said...

At etsy shop?

Anonymous said...

these are awesome, robyn! you are so stinkin' creative i can't stand it.


Firefly said...

Robyn, did I tell you I got my mom's sewing machine fixed for her as a Christmas present? We are going to do a sewing project of some sort together. Anyway, I was browsing fabric online and I wanted to show you this wonderful website that seems like it has a lot of good bib fabrics:

Firefly said...

So cute! There are even several prints with dishes and silverware -- very bib-worthy! :)