Friday, February 27, 2009

I love

* creative inspiration
* paint
* feeling pretty
* flowers
* trees
* leaves
* soil
* good photos
* breezes
* rest
* tea
* kneading rich bread dough
* being alone
* good conversation
* heavy blankets
* color
* friends
* my family
* my family
* my family
* Andrew, Isaac, Dave
* my family
* compliments
* acceptance
* laughter
* solid community
* Brooklyn
* Massachusetts
* Ocean City
* snow
* sun
* the fall
* Christmas

you know, in case you were wondering....

This card will be sent along with those baby gifts I've been crafting. I love how the card implies that the baby arrived via car. If only....


Melissa said...

I have to agree with you on almost every one of these things. But I don't love snow, and I don't love Brooklyn. But I think I love Brooklyn more than I love snow. Also, I don't really love Christmas. I LOVE heavy blankets. And good coffee. And chocolate. And your cinnamon rolls.

Mama V said...

Where is Ocean City? Maryland? New Jersey?

Melissa said...

So, I went to a restaurant today for brunch, and they gave us scones before we ate. Scones with lemon curd. Now I don't know what the heck lemon curd is, but I think I'd have to add it to the things that I love.