Monday, February 9, 2009


Every now and then I come across more evidence that I may indeed be a grown up.

This weekend we bought a mattress.

The last mattress we had, we bought when we were strapped. We got it at a ghetto mattress store. It cost about $150. The tag on the mattress said, "orthopedic type", which to me meant that the mattress didn't want to claim to be orthopedic, but instead wanted to say it was in the general range. It was almost orthopedic.

So, needless to say, I've been wanting a new mattress for quite some time.

Saturday morning I woke up on our old mattress. Saturday afternoon I tried out various candidates for a new mattress. Andrew jumped and Isaac drooled on various candidates for a new mattress. The salesman said lots of unclear, confusing things about the candidates. And somehow we came to a decision. And that night we went to sleep on a new mattress.

I've slept on our new mattress twice now. And while I sleep I can feel the mattress. I dream the words "neeeeeeeeeewww maaaaatreesssssssss". I feel like the mattress is holding me up. It holds up my feet and my head and my back. I guess in the business they call it "support", but I feel held. I feel like the mattress is an active participant in my sleeping well. And I love it.


There is an unexpected result to having this new mattress. See, the mattress is really thick. Our bed is about 6 inches higher than it was before. Our bed is a bigger deal than it used to be. We used to have our bed in the master bedroom. Now we have our Bed in the Master Bedroom. And that feels like a big difference.

Our bed is one more prop. One more shred of evidence. One more sign that even though it feels like we just graduated from college, we didn't. Even though we still feel young and silly and rash, we are actually growing up. We *might* even already be grown-ups.

It's funny that it's not decisions or responsibilities that make me feel grown up, but things. Things of adulthood. Big deal things. Things that grown-ups have. And little by little I'm getting the things and finding myself a part of the Grown Up Club.

It's hard to read, but around the edges of the layout I wrote: Keeping cool in our Brooklyn apartment can be tricky. With two window a/c units and temperatures that reach 100, sometimes we have to be creative to stay comfortable. These watermelon pops seem to do the trick.


Mama V said...

I often feel the same way when I hear of friends buying houses. It seems so grown-up, even though we're the ones with the (two) kid(s). Go figure.

Goes On Runs said...

we got ours when we got married. the college double that we were going to inherit upon marriage sank in the middle.... i realized then and there that i did have some standards.

Cat said...

I felt really grown up at 28 when we bought our house and had our will made up at the same time. I realize now that I was still a kid... (and still am most of the time at 38...)