Tuesday, March 10, 2009

inspiration and more sneak peeks

I thought I would pass on a few blogs that I have found inspiring lately.

The first is [i] LoveLife. I've been reading this blog for a while. Kal Barteski, the author, is an artist. She does a lot of graphic design and painting. I love when she posts her work, but I also love her everyday posts. It's usually just her to-do list, but it's funny and inspiring and insightful.

I have also really been enjoying The Shutter Sisters. The Shutter Sisters is a group of female photographers. Some days I just check out their photos. But other days I take a minute to read their reflections on photography and I'm always glad when I do.

And Behind the Gate is authored by a friend of a friend. I love scanning this blog for book recommendations, good photography and insightful posts.

Take a minute and check them out! There's some pretty neat stuff out there.


Ms. Walker said...

I love Kal, too! Such a real and inspring look at life. I'm certainly going to check out the others.

Firefly said...

How long til you are going to post pictures of the whole thing? Tomorrow? I vote for tomorrow. ;)

Goes On Runs said...

how fun for me that you enjoy behind the gate - i find her inspirational as well.... and challenging with all her book recommendations.