Monday, March 30, 2009


*on our walk yesterday: "Look Mommy! P-O-T-S! That spells 'stop'!"

*me: "Andrew, who is in charge? Mommy or Daddy?"
Andrew: "Isaac!"

*me: "Andrew, who is funny? Mommy or Daddy?"
Andrew: "Andrew!"

*Andrew has been building, building, building. It seems like he has been building non-stop for weeks.
"Mommy, I am going to be a builder."
"Oh? What will you build?"
"a house!"
"And what will you put in the house?"
"Toys! and a refrigerator."
"what will be in the fridge?"
"cookies and pickles and eggs!"


*Most things Andrew does right now is accompanied with an electronic sound. Beeps or gear shifting noises or train whistles, etc. etc.

*When I pick up Isaac he kicks his little legs. It feels like he's doing his best to jump through the air, on the way up, into my arms. I love it.

*Isaac's favorite place is still the potty. And teaching not only Andrew, but also Dave (and, ahem, me), to keep the bathroom door closed has been rough going. There have been lots of Little-Hand Scrub Downs.

*Isaac is not very good at organizing our tupperware cabinet. This is something he works on daily and still...he's very bad at it.

*Andrew likes setting up tunnels and bridges out of all kinds of materials in our living room and Isaac loves crawling through the courses Andrew builds. Sometimes it feels like I've given Andrew a puppy instead of a brother.


Seeking La Loba said... funny. But he's getting the hang of this reading thing.

It seems like Andrew's really getting into this little brother thing. That must be a nice stage.

debs14 said...

I love the page on your Dad. Seems that he's pretty good at being a father and Grandad too!

Miss Vicki said...

What a great window into your day to day conversation w/ your boys. I,of course, love the page on your Dad.

Firefly said...

I saw the page that said "Career Man," and I thought, "Yeah, it's true. Dave's a total career man." And then I blew up the image and read what it said and thought, "Wow, I didn't know Robyn's dad was a Career Man, too!" But then I realized I did know that, I'd just never put it together before--that you married a man like your dad, in a critical way--both of them taking their jobs so seriously, both of them choosing socially complicated, brainy work, and both of them rising in prominence in their fields because they are exceptionally good at them. From my perspective, in the line of work Dave does, Democracy Now is even kind of like the equivalent of the Pentagon -- a nationally recognized and respected seat of authority in the field and all that. And you've followed in your mom's footsteps, too--you are good at so many of the things you praise your mom for.

Sometimes I love it how families can reincarnate themselves.

Robyn said...

WOW, Marti!! You are the definitely the first person that has seen that my dad and husband have anything in common! But, I can completely see your point! You are right! weird!

Firefly said...

Yeah, like I said, I'd never really thought about it before, either. Until I read your post, it had never occurred to me that your dad's job is really impressive, just in a different kind of realm than Dave's. It makes me laugh that it had never occurred to me, since it seems obvious to me now that your dad's position speaks to his dedicaton, skill and achievement. In my defense, I think that we Californians get much more starstruck by independent media and stuff like that than we do about bureaucratic sectors. It's our hippie heritage, perhaps. In fact, several of the people I work with in my own job have positions of a similar nature and stature to your dad's--government employee bigwigs running major programs for California. And since I want to impress those people, sometimes I tell them I have a friend who works for Amy Goodman so I can reap this response: "WOW! That is so amazing! What does your friend do?" (in fact, I confess I still do this occasionally even though it is no longer true). If I were to say I had a friend who worked for the Pentagon, it just wouldn't get a response out here.

I admire Amy Goodman so much. She probably beats out Obama in my book. Though he's still an early bird, so I have to give him a chance to catch up with her. ;)

Mama V said...

Just when I thought I had finally gotten it into Lucas's head that we read from left to right (POTS used to be his way of pointing out the sign as well!), the other day he yelled out, "A-Z-Z-I-P... That says 'Pizza'!"