Monday, March 30, 2009

a step ahead

Jesse is a month and a half older than Isaac. He turned one last week. He is just enough older than Isaac that each time Mama V reports that he's hit a milestone, I don't quite hear her right. She'll say, "Jesse is six months old!" and I hear "Isaac is almost six months old!" "Jesse got two teeth!" becomes "Isaac will have two teeth!" Even when she gave birth, "I gave birth!" became "You are about to give birth!" It's been nice to have someone so close in proximity and so close in age. I sort of know what's around the corner with Isaac because of Andrew. But, it's Jesse that really drives it home.

So, I am here to report that Isaac is almost one year old. He is almost walking. He is almost saying "hiiiiiii." I mean, if Jesse does it, Isaac will too, right?

Thanks little Jesse Bear for being our guide this year. Keep up the good work.

I made this little book for Mama V and Papi D for Jesse's one year. I love how Jesse was Jesse right from the get-go.


Mama V said...

Oh my goodness - my sweet peach is on your blog!

The book is so, so lovely. I can't help but flip through it often.

Just wait until Isaac is doing things first despite being younger than Jesse, and then we'll both be in real trouble!

Goes On Runs said...

too cute!

Julie said...

I love your book. That is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Miss Vicki said...

That was an incredible gift!! And Jesse is just beautiful!

Firefly said...

What a cutie pie! So kissable.

Loralee said...

What a fantastic idea! I love how the book turned out. Just wonderful.