Thursday, March 5, 2009

Robyn As Mom

1. Sometimes I guard my children's diets. I want them to eat healthy, balanced meals. And then sometimes I make sure they eat their cookies.

2. Sometimes I guard my children's safety. We hold hands crossing streets and keep toxic cleaning solutions at bay. And then sometimes I catch them rummaging in my sewing drawer examining my pin cushion.

3. Sometimes I guard my children's learning. This week we've been working on kite cookies and paper kite decorations. And then sometimes I think maybe I should actually show them a real kite...or even better...make one to fly! Now why was that an afterthought?

4. But lately, I've realized I'm seriously committed to guarding my children's play. If Andrew spends all morning building "The City of New York" with his blocks I go to extreme measure to keep Baby-zilla (um, Isaac) from knocking the whole thing down. Setting up a blockade of furniture? Done it. Diving across the dining room to catch the Eager Destroyer? Yes. Providing Isaac-free time and space for Andrew's urban renewal projects? Absolutely.

I guess we all have our strengths.

Yummy Honey White Bread. oh my goodness. ;)


Loralee said...

The bread looks delicious!

Hmmm... Timothy has found my pincushion more than once. And boy, does the incentive of a cookie after dinner do the trick for getting him to eat a big pile of veggies.

Robyn said...

Yaaayyyy!!!! Loralee is in the house! well...I mean...Loralee commented on my blog...


Hopefully she'll start blogging again and we can all see her creative talents.

Please, Loralee, please??

Shannon said...

It sounds to me like you have a good balance!

And why does your blog always make me hungry?

Melissa said...

I love your last comment. I need to get better at this. It's so tricky when poor little Enzo wants nothing more than to play w/ his big brother and Atticus wants nothing more than to play in his own way by himself.

Also- I finally broke down and made CC cookies today- after looking at the picture of yours for several days, it wore away at me!

Robyn said...

Melissa, sorry about the chocolate chip cookies!

Chris, Atticus and Enzo, you are welcome!!! Enjoy!

Miss Vicki said...

The trouble w/ this bread is I would not know when to stop eating. Usually I rationalize that if I eat it all at once then it is not there to tempt me. Do I have this cookbook? Did you shape the butter in honor of this beautiful bread?

Robyn said...

Mom, this recipe is the "Best of Country Breads". It's really, really good. sandwiches, toast, etc...but also good just plain.

I leave butter shaping to the experts. ;)

Mama V said...

I feel it is my bloggerly duty to report to the readers of this fine blog that this bread was just the perfect combo of yeasty and moist and just plain deliciousness. (I'd say the same about those (not) red velvet cupcakes but then I'd be teasing y'all without any mercy.)

Over and out.

Mama V said...

And Miss Vicki: the entire loaf lasted approximately 20 hours in our house.