Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sneak peeks

to a project I am working on. I seem to have hit a sewing groove. I am just really enjoying working with fabric. So, expect some more sneak peeks over the next few weeks. With this project I am experimenting with adding more texture. Even though that means breaking traditional applique rules. Rough edges here, exposed batting there...but right now I think that makes the work more interesting.

more soon. as expected.


Firefly said...

beautiful, robyn! i love the leaves!

Mama V said...

I know what this is! I know what this is!!

And yay for the sneak peek idea! ;)

I like the special touch that the hand embroidery is adding, too!

tami said...

i am liking that little bird.

such love from your hands. :)

TARA said...

Lovin' the texture.

Seeking La Loba said...

I love the texture. Cool flowers and little bird.

Cat said...

extra cute. Can't wait to see more!