Friday, March 13, 2009


a first snowman. and a second.

trying out the baby sleigh.

Lincoln Logs by the fire.

It was a good trip.


Miss Vicki said...

It was a good trip for the hosts as well if you exclude the trip through the Franconia notch in the freezing rain, seeing cars off the road and upside down. And if you forget the two (count 'em) two flat tires in St. Johnsbury in the cold wind where we were blessed by the kindness of strangers. (If you need a tire changed, go into a hunting/fishing store that caters to men, but be sure you have an adorable baby strapped to your front.)
For any of you who may have wondered how this blogger gets all she does done, I HAVE NO IDEA. It is a full time job w/ Isaac. He is precious and adorable and FAST.
Dad and I loved the visit.

Mama V said...

I know that the title of this post says "Vermont" but for a moment all I saw was the pictures and I panicked that perhaps it had snowed here overnight! Agghhhh!!!

So glad that was Vermont and NOT Brooklyn. ;)