Thursday, April 16, 2009

the bigger picture

I feel like since I've started blogging and photographing things for my blog, I've become a master of disguise. Disguising what my home looks like. Disguising what I don't want you to see. Making my life look bright and spacious like the photos in Real Life magazine. And the thing is, I like my home. I like the space and how we use it. I like furniture (for the most part...). But I know that it's doesn't always make for great photos.

I've had friends and relatives that read my blog come to visit and they were really surprised about what my home really looks like because it's not what they pictured. And so, I thought I would give you an idea of what my main room looks like. The room where I am right now. The room where I spend most of my time. It's the dining room/office/crafting bonanza room. And today would be a good day to show you, because I just organized it.

This is my desk. Mostly I just use the computer and printer at the desk and use the bigger table for my projects.

I got this cabinet at an antique store in Vermont. It holds office supplies (the tops two shelves) and scrapbooking supplies at the bottom (12x12 cardstock, patterned papers, letter stickers, chipboard, etc, etc.).

This is a box that my friend Tara made for me. It is filled with 8 1/2 X 11 carstock sorted into the Stampin Up color families with a file folder for each color. I love this thing. It hangs our under the desk.

This is the china cabinet that my grandmother gave me. In the top is my china and whatnot, and in the bottom where there should be linens and more servingware....

are more craft supplies! On this side I have my stamps, paint ribbon, crafting essentials (like scissors and glue) and things for Mommy School (the white bag). I keep my stamping ink in one of the boxes on top of the cabinet.

And on this side I have my sewing machines and a drawer of sewing supplies.

My goal is to be able to put things away so that no one would know the crazy amounts of crafting that goes on in here. And I think I've been able to do that. It mostly just looks like a dining room/office. But if you were to show up during Quiet Time, while my sons are at rest and while their mama is at would know the truth.


Ms. Walker said...

Looks homey and welcoming! I always wonder what people's homes look like..what their style is, dark wood, light wood -- that sort of thing. Thanks for the peek!

Melissa said...

I love this! I love your apartment! After we stayed there, Chris and I decided we want a smaller house w/ less stuff!

TARA said...

I love getting mentioned in your blog - makes me feel famous.

Cat said...

This is like putting a face to someone you only speak to on the phone... very nice!!! No wonder you make great cards, you are so organised!
Thanks for sharing!

Mama V said...

You know what? That other night that I came over to sew with you? I was surprised at how much more messy your cabinets were than I had imagined! I expected you to be ultra-organized through and through but you were just pretty-organized through and through. ;)