Friday, April 17, 2009

It's coming up

In three weeks Isaac will be one year old.

I dreaded Andrew's first birthday. I spent some time that day watching him play, wiping tears away, trying to shake that very sad feeling. I was so sad that my baby was one year old.

Not so with Isaac.

I feel really, really excited. Not only is Isaac so cute right now, so is Andrew. Which means that not only are babies cute and fun, so are three year olds. So are four year olds! I mean, this is just going to get better and better. As I see it, my best year will be 2012. A three year old and a six year old! Can you just imagine the scrapbook pages?!?!

Isaac is just about to start walking. He stands unassisted, reaching his arms forward, as if trying to propel himself and then squats down and starts laughing. He stands again, tries to launch himself forward and lands in a tumble on the floor, laughing. It's just so stinkin' cute. He crawls really fast. He wakes up from naps happy. He thinks Andrew is the bee's knees. He thinks Dave is the bee's knees. He thinks I am the bee's knees. He's just such a happy, lovely addition to our family.

Anyway, as you might imagine, I have been envisioning his birthday for months now. I really like birthday picnics and having the party in a nearby park. So that's the plan. Well, a fraction of the plan. More will be revealed sometime soon. Stay tuned...


Susan said...

So since the invite is on the blog are we all invited?

Shannon said...

So cute but its not really at midnight is it? :) That always confuses me!

Robyn said...

Shannon, I know what you mean! I first wrote 11am, but then thought I could use an extra hour in the morning, so I just switched it to 12...but I think that might mean midnight. I guess I'll have to rely on people's common sense...uh oh. ;)

Mama V said...

I was so excited that having a Spring baby could mean picnic birthday parties, but turns out that late March is still dog-cold in the Northeast! Bummer!

Such cute invites, Robs.

Ms. Walker said...

very cute invites, Robyn. And good for you in feeling better about Isaac turning one!