Tuesday, April 28, 2009

birthday sneak peaks

This Saturday is Isaac's party. And it's coming together really well. A friend recently asked me why I bother throwing a birthday party for a 1 year old. He definitely won't remember it. And it might even be a tad overwhelming for him. And she's right.

One thing I've learned about myself since having children is that I love celebrating. I love recognizing important dates and events and saying, "hey, this is important!" by marking it with some kind of celebration. One year ago (well, in early May) Isaac was born. And that is important. And it's something that I want to celebrate with our friends. I like the idea of pulling everyone together and saying, "celebrate with us!" There is something about pulling our community into it that makes it more tangible.

And, it's no secret that I love having parties. Remember when I was pregnant with Isaac and very worried about Andrew's party? 5 months before his birthday? I know that their birthdays have a whole lot to do with me doing my thing for a pre-arranged audience. Invitations, favors, cakes, foods, decorations, etc., etc. I just LOVE it. So throwing birthday parties for me is part pulling my community together to celebrate and part crafting it up. Part honorable and part selfish.

Oh. And part scrapbook.


Susan said...

I am 100% supportive of one year birthday parties. After that I think any parent can be excused for three or four years without any guilt. But the PARENTS should celebrate the first year! What an accomplishment. Not too long ago it was a miracle for a baby to survive that long. And sometimes I still wonder how so many babies survive their first year :) We have thrown big one year parties for both of our kids and intend to keep it up!

Robyn said...

Yeah, I agree. I think the one year old party is more about the family than the child himself. And after that it just seems like a "Yay Andrew!" day.

Love em.

So excited about having the Johnston clan join us in celebrating birthdays in the future!

TARA said...

Of course it's important to celebrate the first year of life! And, Isaac might not remember it, but he has an awesome mom who will document it with some beautiful scrapbooking, and he will love seeing how special you thought his first birthday was. Party on!