Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rice Family Sunday

1. It was Palm Sunday today. We (sort of) got to church early to get Andrew ready for the procession that the children do during the Palm Sunday service. Andrew and Isaac processed with palms and I played the role of Ultimate Dorky Mom (which I wasn't aware I was playing until I got home and saw the photos. ug.). I was instructing proper palm frond waving and taking too many photos and ruining the scene at the front of the church by chasing Isaac everywhere. Oh well. Maybe I will be better behaved on Easter.

2. We head to Target. It had been months since we've been and I had a little list building, so we went today. The Target we go to is in Queens. It's in a remote area of Queens. Well, as remote as we get around here. It's on a highway in a strip mall. It's always very crowded. Today it was so crowded that there were no available carts. I even walked around the parking lot a little looking for abandoned carts, but there were none.

When I was done shopping, I went to the curb to wait for Dave to pick me up. And while I waited all of these unmarked cabs slowed down and honked and asked me if I needed a taxi. It totally makes sense that people would take cabs home from Target with their goods, I was just really surprised how many there were, and that they were unmarked cars.

3. Then we headed to the Salt Marshes. We went last year and loved it, so we decided to check it out again. The boys loved finding big rocks to climb on. I loved standing in a place in the city without being able to see any buildings or hear any cars. Dave likes how cool it looks. And we all like the ducks.

4. After dinner at home, Dave and Andrew get out the tool box (and safety helmets) to do a small repair on our washing machine. so, so cute.

And that was our Sunday. A good day.


Anne said...

I feel so out of touch with Christian holidays. My brother-in-law isn't eating red meat for Lent (which I find ridiculous, given that he doesn't participate in church in any other way -- but some habits are hard to break I guess), and that is my only cue that Easter is coming up.


JIW said...

oh, I just got home from Target -- I went for dog food, socks, and cereal and I spent $140!! And I just went to Target a couple weeks ago.
I'm can't imagine how much I'd spend if only went every few months!

Miss Vicki said...

Loved this post!! Loved the pictures!! At least you don't have to drive two hours or drive two hours and take a ferry across Lake Champlain to get to a Target! Is Vermont the only state that does not have a Target?

Seeking La Loba said...

I love the ferry across Lake Champlain! Well, I might not love it if I had to take it to go shopping...but Lake Champlain is so pretty.

Yesterday was perfect weather for being outside. Great day for the salt marshes.

I love the shot of Andrew with his helmet on. Adorable.

Robyn said...

I think the people at Target must be brilliant. I'm sure they set a goal that everyone will spend around $100 when they go. They might even stop you at the door to double check that you met the $100 limit.

One day I asked Dave, "I'm bored. Do we have $100 I can go and and drop at Target on ziplock bags?" Because Target is no just a store. It's a way to spend your afternoon!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a good day!

esme's mama said...

So right about Target...I used to have to work in them every day, it was hard to train myself not to shop while working.