Thursday, April 23, 2009

what have I gotten myself into?

So, one of my goals for a while now was/is to take a cake decorating class. There is a store near me that offers all kinds of confection classes and when I was in there a few weeks ago for Easter goodies, I talked to the store owner about classes. The cake classes are one night a week for four weeks and a tad expensive. But, he told me, there is an upcoming cookie decorating class that is one night and much less expensive. So, I signed up.

The class was last night. Dave got home from work just in time to for me to grab my raincoat and head over there. On the way I was struck by momentary terror. What if she makes us go around the circle to say why we are taking the cookie decorating class? What if there is an ice breaker? I hate ice breakers. I am terrible at ice breakers. And often, they create more ice for me because I spend the rest of the class worrying about what I said. Was I too cheeky? Was I trying to show off? Did I sound dumb? Oh, please don't let there be an ice breaker!

I walk in and she has already launched into her schpeal. Phew. No ice breaker.

She gives tips on handling dough, baking, making icing. She demos how to hold the decorator bags. She is super cute, a little cheesy, an so very non-threatening. A great cookie decorating teacher. She told us she went to culinary school and has worked for several bakeries as a cookie decorator, but also, more prestigiously, a cookie designer. At the end of the class she passes around a portfolio of her work. Giant cookies she made for the Rachel Ray show with a cartoon-y portrait of Rachel Ray. A set of cookies on top of a wedding cake, each cookie resembling each member of the wedding party. And my favorite. There was a photograph of a model with tiny flowers made from icing dramatically decorating her hair. Crazy. Incredible.

By the end of the class I wanted to sign up to be the woman's apprentice. I told myself I'd take more classes. Learn from her while I can. This is a great opportunity! Forget applying for a PhD program. Cookies will be my life.

I bring the cookies home and Dave opens the box. "they look like wood". And, oddly, he's right. They really don't look like cookies. I wondered if they would taste like wood, but I was a little nervous to eat one. I mean, these babies are art, not food. I taste one anyway, and they are not half bad! Pretty good cookies!

As for my future in cookie decorating? It's looking pretty sweet. ;)


Julie said...

I would love to take a class like this. You might have just inspired me to look for one. Did you have to bring cookies to decorate? Did she tell you what kind?

Robyn said...

No, she made all of the cookies ahead of time. And the icing too. I think that Michael's and AC moore and those kinds of stores have classes that Wilton (the cake decorating company) sponsors. sooooo fun!

Shannon said...

Ooooh...I want to look into that too. Fun!

Mama V said...

So pretty! Nice stamen. ;)

MandiCrocker said...

JEALOUS!!! ENVY, ENVY, ENVY!!! :) :) :)

Miss Vicki said...

Oh my word!!! They are gorgeous!
I am redfaced at making scotchies yesterday.

Firefly said...

Robyn, these pictures are of cookies you decorated in the class? How did you do it?

Seeking La Loba said...

Wow, you made these?