Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is that nature I see?

This summer we bought a state parks pass so we could take full advantage of the parks near us. Today we went to a park for some hiking on Staten Island. It was a great park. Quiet and beautiful. There was nature everywhere.

When I wasn't soaking in the environs, I was congratulating myself, again, for being such a great mom. Look at me, dumping my kids in nature, making sure they get dirty and appreciate trees and sticks and moss. Andrew even learned the important lesson of how to releave yourself when bathrooms are no where in sight.

It wasn't until we were in the car on the way home that I noticed the ticks. I found 6 just on me. We stopped the car and picked over the kids, but found nothing. At bath time later tonight though, I saw three on Andrew. We teased out the little buggies with tweezers (they popped right out, thank goodness!) and Andrew was a good sport for such an uncomfortable procedure. And now I have that everything-itches-heeby-jeeby kind of feeling.

Now looking over the photos can you guess when the ticks caught up with us?


debs14 said...

This made me itch just to read it! Lovely to see both boys walking around together - it looks like Andrew is enjoying being the big brother! Isaac looks suddenly grown up now he is walking, isn't it amazing how that happens?

Seeking La Loba said...

Beware of lyme's disease. But being from the NE, you probably know about that.

Looks like a pretty hike, though.

Loralee said...

Oh yuck! What a pain to have to think about those things when you just want to be having fun. I think being this much farther north, we haven't had to deal with them, but a couple years ago the dogs got a ton. I wouldn't be too happy finding them on myself, let alone my kids!

The pictures are great. Despite those little bugs, I bet the boys had a wonderful time.

Goes On Runs said...

ick. ticks... that makes my tummy turn.