Saturday, May 30, 2009


1. I've been by myself for most of the morning. Dave has a conference this afternoon and so took the boys out this morning to give me some alone time before he goes. It was marvelous. Long shower. iTunes playing my kind of music. Scrapbooking.

2. I have been wanting to scrapbook a lot lately. I haven't really been scrapbooking a lot, but I've wanted to. I really, really want to use lots of red, but this page didn't really call for red. I've also been wanting to use this cute dinosaur I've had for more than a year. It was one of those things I loved and so didn't want to use. Silly. So, here he is.

3. And the journaling reads:
Andrew, one thing that we have always known about you is that you like to play hard. You love to tumble and wrestle. You love it when we throw you on the couch and when we hang you upside down. After we wrestle with you, you seem more settled. It's as though it resets your system, reminds you of your place in the world, your place in the family. Its a crucial part of what makes you, you. Luckily, you have several willing participants in your tumble times. Your dad and I are not the only ones that enjoy tossing you about. In this photo you are being hung upside down by Eric. You and Eric are definitely wrestle buddies. Whenever Eric comes over he makes sure to take his turn tumbling you about. This upside down pose is a classic Andrew-Eric moment. You are one lucky guy to have so many people willing to indulge you in a good round of wrestling.

4. Now let's see if I can get crackin with something red.


Tara Whalen said...

LOVE IT! It turned out great.

Tara Whalen said...

So sad that the store I bought those for you at closed today. =(

Julie said...

I love your scrapbook style and love to see your pages! You inspire me to scrapbook to tell stories...not just to display a picture. I journal a lot on my pages about the event, but I want to journal more like your pages to "really" tell a story with emotion and feeling.

Robyn said...

Wow! Thanks Julie!

Firefly said...

I love to watch Eric and Andrew tousle. So sweet.

Eric said...

I don't do it for Andrew I do it because it is fun! I can't do it to Tess, yet, and well Andrew has fun too :)