Monday, May 18, 2009

weaning of one kind and another

About a week ago I weaned Isaac from nursing. He transitioned from mama milk to cow's milk with the only noticeable effect being a swing of hormonal, melancholic emotions on my end. Not that I was sad to wean him, not at all! I was practically jumping up and down at closing that chapter. My body on the other hand made sure I had a touch of the sads for a few days. Thanks, body.

Last night we weaned him from our bedroom. We had set up a crib in Andrew's room, now 'the Boys' Room' a few weeks ago. The day we set it up I was so, so sad. I was looking at all of the things that I had done to our room to make it baby-ready. All the little things I made. A year ago I thought I was giving birth to an infant. And that that infant would be sleeping in our room for a very long time. Well, that infant is no longer an infant and the very long time has come to an end. And I found all quite surprising. Why is it I never see these things coming?

Last night we put Isaac to bed in the crib in The Boys' Room. He fell asleep. We put Andrew to bed in The Boys' Room. He fell asleep too. And I missed Isaac. I didn't have to worry that my reading in bed would wake him up and Dave and I could talk without stage whispering, but I missed him. I just knew that he would wake up all happy and that I would miss it. Andrew would get the happy Isaac wake-up and I would miss out. And what if he needs me in the middle of the night and I couldn't hear him?

This morning, at about 6:30 I hear giggling and talking from The Boys' Room. I go in to find Isaac jumping up and down in his crib. Happy to be awake. Happy to see me. I didn't miss it after all! I got to see the happy wake-up! Andrew was thrilled to have a buddy in his room all night and thought the Isaac wake up was hilarious. "He's jumping up and down! He's laughing!" (translation: "Mom, you don't do that. You avoid people until you have some tea. Isaac is more fun.")

Looks like the Rice Family is onto another chapter. And this chapter looks like it might be okay. So, keep reading. ;)

planning an "Urban Baby" shower and whipping up some invites. Lovin' the city pride rubber duck.


Seeking La Loba said...

So the shift happened! I predict that Andrew and Isaac will love being roommates. I'm so glad the transition happened smoothly.

Seeking La Loba said...

What cute invitations. Where did you get the city-scape paper?

esme's mama said...

I'm so impressed...Not that that's new on this blog :). I'm beginning to think Esme may never be weaned or stop sleeping in our bed (much less our room). And just like you half of me may not want her to...Good for you enabling a smooth transition though!!

JIW said...

does that mean no more babies?
and I think the baby shower invite is awesome. I like invitations that are very sweet and precious -- but sometimes a cool, chic invite is required!