Wednesday, August 5, 2009

another shower!

I am co-throwing another shower at the end of August! This one will be in Massachusetts for my friend, Erin. Erin and her husband Peter are all about the ocean. They live on the ocean, they had a subtly nautically themed wedding and Peter even owns a boat. A big one. So, Little One (a boy!) will be inhabiting a nautically themed nursery. And how could we have a shower that wasn't all about the ocean? I mean, honestly! When you've got a good thing going, why mess with it?

So, my friends, here are the invites! More ocean baby goodness to come. You can count on it!


Jennifer I. Walker said...

very cute!

Miss Vicki said...

How cute!! You have very lucky friends!! Bless that baby.

Emily R. said...

I remember Peter and Erin from High School! What lovely people!!!The cards are too cute!