Tuesday, August 4, 2009

more frozen treats

We have been experimenting with popsicles around here.

This one is blueberry. I simmered a pint of blueberries with a half cup of sugar and a cup of water until the blueberries all popped. Then I poured it into popsicle molds and froze for three hours. Andrew is asking for more as I write this. I'd say it went over well.

And this weekend I tried making "orange creamsicles". I mixed equal parts vanilla yogurt and orange juice and froze.

Turned out to be just the thing to sooth aching gums.


kate o. said...

just today i was thinking i needed to come up with some homemade popsicle ideas. perfect timing! and that red hair is too cute.

Mama V said...


Earlier this summer I declared it a popsicle summer in our home, and so far so good. Except that our popsicles are made with boring juices. I think I might now try some of your recipes, so thanks for these Robyn!

I love the photo sequence of you and Isaac. At first I thought he was crying because you wouldn't let him have his popsicle right away (sort of like with the cake at his bday party). I like how photo #2 is showing how you're demonstrating to him how a popsicle works, and then photo #3 shows him being convinced! Is that how it really happened?

JIW said...

I remember making popsicles as kid at home with my mom -- one of my very favorite memories!
You are making great memories for your family, Robyn!

Melissa said...

I keep thinking about you in this heat- how do you do it???

Robyn said...

mama v- Isaac was really fussy that afternoon. So he came into the kitchen fussy and didn't understand what to do with popsicle when I first handed it to him, so kept fussing. Then I showed him how to eat it, he got curious and then took mine! YOu were right on!

Melissa- I have no idea what you mean. I am a crabby, irritable mess. What do mean by "it"?