Monday, August 17, 2009


Last night I finished my mini book about our trip to California last year. Hooray!!

Last week I was going through iphoto and I found some photos of Andrew on travel day and I remembered more details about Andrew as a travel companion. Andrew was so excited about going on an airplane and being on an airplane, that he chattered on the whole day. He did not sleep, he did not rest, he just talked and talked. And he said the kinds of things that 3 year olds say over and over and over again. A running narrative. Things like "we're on an airplane!" And although I'm a mama that needs a little quiet and that kind of chatter can become a bit much for me, it definitely made the trip more fun to be with someone that had no intention of containing his raw and overflowing excitement.

So, anyway, I'm glad I remembered that, because I added something to that effect to my mini book last night.

The next mini book I'm going to tackle will cover: Mommy School!

p.s. My camera needs a repair and I am sending her off to the camera doctor tomorrow. So things might be quiet around here for a while.

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Melissa said...

So sad to send cameras away. They should rent you another one while it's away.

Seeing this almost makes me want to make one myself. It's great!