Friday, September 18, 2009

apple banner

Yesterday the boys did some apple prints for me. I just cut an apple in half, put red and green paint on paper plates and the boys printed away. I didn't think Isaac would be joining us with this one...I imagined him trying to eat a paint smeared apple...but once he saw Andrew crack out a few prints, he was ready to join us. Another advantage to being the younger sibling, I guess.

Today I used their paintings, a few photos and some patterned paper to make a fall banner for us (confession: our fourth of July banner had been up until about a week ago!)

Our agenda this weekend? Put away the a/c units, unpack the cold weather clothes and ditch the city for apple picking in a nearby orchard! So into apples now!

Have a good one!


Seeking La Loba said...

A fourth of July banner? Up in August? Robyn, what has become of you?

Melissa said...

So bizarre! I actually had a similar idea! Our summer birthday banner is still up ,and I was thinking of buying some apples tomorrow and using one of them to do the same thing. NIce!

firefly said...

Homemade marbled paper. ;)