Sunday, September 20, 2009

scenes from the orchard

Today we ventured to the orchard with our friends Kirsten, Eric and Tess. The kids got to hitch a ride on the wagon to the apple trees.

Hmm...Looks like we need a jump. Isaac, you get out and push.

Apples were not the only treasures available at the orchard. Andrew filled his pockets with rocks...which as you can see, made for some tricky wardrobe issues.

I LOVE apple picking. This morning I was jumping around telling Dave that apple picking day is better than Christmas. But when I asked where my Apple Picking Stocking was...Dave came up empty handed. ;) We had a great time, got some great apples and soaked in some country.

Hello Fall. You'll always be my favorite. Don't tell the others.


Stacey and Jayson Lavers said...

i'm with you, robyn! i've been waiting all year for fall. i love fall and i love picking apples. maybe you could offer a unique use for apples, besides apple pie, apple sauce or apple crisp. i'm looking for another idea and you're the creative one. :-)

Jennifer I. Walker said...

This morning there was a very thin layer of frost and dew on my windshield....the first time this season! love it and can't wait for the even crispier mornings to come!

Mama V said...

What fun!

Great pictures!

Love the falling pants!