Friday, September 25, 2009

He's 4 years old!

So, at times (ahem) when I am frustrated with Andrew and explaining away my frustrations to some kind, listening ear, I sometimes hear "Robyn, he's four years old." I know the idea is that, at 4 years old, he is still so young. I know that it is meant as a reminder to relax and give him and me some time. I know what they mean, but also, I don't.

For some reason my brain just doesn't give the number 4 a lot of meaning. I could just as easily say, "Right! He's four years old! He should know this!" I feel like it could go either way. I often think that he is so big and so old. I mean, he's bigger and older than he has ever been. AND he's bigger and older than his shrimpy brother, Isaac.

But every now and then I remember how little he really is. How much he is a little boy. Completely and thoroughly little boy. So, anyway, this scrapbook page is about that.

This weekend we are heading to Vermont for some real fall weather! Granddaddy, ready the pumpkins!


Loralee said...

Good weekend to come up--the fall festival is going on in Burke. Should be a nice day, too!

Susan said...

After William was born we divided the kids into two groups: The Baby and The Bigger Kids. After a couple of months of frustration we realized we were expecting Margaret (who was two) to act like a four-year old. After all, she was in the The Bigger Kids group with Joseph. Once we reminded ourselves that she was only two things started to go more smoothly.

Cat said...

I have the same challenge with Jake. It's even harder because he's as tall as some 6 year-olds... I have to remind myself that he's still a baby sometimes... Have a great week end!