Thursday, September 24, 2009

new diggs

For the past month or so I have been feeling really frustrated with our apartment. It just felt perpetually messy and I was feeling perpetually resentful about living in a messy home. I wanted to make some big changes. I wanted to replace things and move things and hang things and throw things away.

I was talking to a friend about my apartment angst and she told me that when there is something big that changes in her life, she often feels like she wants to change things in her home. She wants her space to reflect those changes.

And I took that as a green light to take another look at my home.

One day, while Isaac was asleep and Andrew was at preschool I started moving furniture. I got bitten by the fix-it bug and jumped right in with making changes that made sense. I actually didn't do much. Two toy shelves traded places and the toys on their shelves got reorganized. I hauled the little futon we had in the living room into our bedroom and moved the rocking chair into the living room. I am thinking of selling the futon.

These changes motivated us to clean out closets, bring 5 bags of old clothes to the Salvation Army, and most awesomely of all, print and hang our photos!

I have been getting so much mileage out of the photos we had taken in July. I am still so in love with them and I love seeing them around my home. I love what they say about our family. The photo above is taken from the kitchen looking into the dining and living rooms.

These are hanging in our bedroom (which still needs a little work. I have a few more things to do in figure out what to do what that futon!).

And this is taken from the dining room looking into the living room. See that pile of boxes on the left? With the little basket on top holding my mini books? It's pretty silly how much I love seeing that little arrangement when I walk into that room. I see it think, 'Dang, I'm crafty.'

Anyway, this is great and all, but all Isaac wants to know is, when does Andrew get home from school?


Mama V said...

I had the very same itch last month. The seasons changes definitely does it to me each time. I agree that it feels great to scratch the itch!

I keep noting that one of the blessings of Lucas going to preschool in the afternoon is that Jesse has no idea he's gone! He's slept right through it every time. Kindergarten for Lucas next year is going to be hard on Jesse, though! We might have to do some big play date scheming for Isaac and J-Bear.

Tabitha and Larry said...

Oh... The framing is perfect and your home looks very cool and tidy :)

JIW said...

I think your home looks very welcoming and warm!