Monday, October 5, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman,

We have our first word!

At almost 17 months old, Isaac said his first real word on Friday. What did he make his debut with? ball. And that is how I know it is the real deal. For months I've been translating his baby babble into words that he may or may not have been saying. He would often point to something and make a noise and I would tell him and me and anyone else that might be eavesdropping that he was saying 'this'. Was he? I'm not sure. But, he was saying ball. He was holding a ball, running after a ball, patting a ball. And so, this is not a case of me reading into things. This was real language development.

Isaac at a year and a half is so different from Andrew at a year and a half. so different. Isaac is the great imitator. He thinks he's one of the pack. He tries to do the things that we do as though he's always done these things too. Comb his hair. Brush his teeth. Smush socks against his feet. Last week, during preschool drop off Isaac got away from me while I was helping Andrew out of his coat. And where did I (or rather, Mama V) find him? He had run into one of the classrooms and was sitting in the circle with the other kids cracking up at himself. "See Mom? I am just like them. I can totally fake 4."

Isaac is much more tuned into the people around him. He points and dances and imitates. He's rehearsing for his role in the world. And Andrew didn't really do that. He didn't really care what his role would be. He was more of a go-with-your-gut kind of guy. He talked later, didn't bother with pointing or dancing and had his mother beside herself with worry. But the worry I did with Andrew has paid off with not worrying as much about Isaac. His language will come. And if it doesn't there are a host of resources at my disposal to help us out.

And now, we begin.

These are two birthday cards I've made recently. One is for my sister who celebrated her big day last week. The other one is for my nephew who has his big day today. Not pictured? My brother's birthday card. And why? Because (gasp) I didn't send him one. I knew it was risky, but I doubted if he'd notice. AND HE NOTICED! turns out, my large and manly older brother has a big soft spot for homemade birthday cards. And now I'm scheming on how to make it up to him. And believe me. It will be fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Joseph didn't talk until about 22 months but he was signing before that so it's hard to remember sometimes that he was "late." Then the "he needs speech therapy" kid talked so much that there was really no need for Margaret to say anything. We used to joke that we'd have to isolate her if we ever wanted to hear what was on her mind. I don't even remember when she started talking. I think it was actually earlier than Joseph.

Both kids have started teaching William sign language. Wonder what will happen with that guy . . .

Danielle said...

That's Harry's first (and only) word, too. Isn't it amazing how different two siblings can be? Brice's first word was "Elmo." No love for mom, I guess.

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my apple pear cake post. I really appreciate the compliment about the photography and styling. I recently got a fabulous camera and I've become obsessed with photography (looking at it and doing it myself). So your words mean a lot :)