Saturday, October 3, 2009

parade day

and marching in the Ragamuffin Parade today we had....

Charlie Brown!!!

and Pig Pen!!!

and the Great Pumpkin!

So the idea for this came in August. The boys really like playing ghost with their blankets, but I didn't think they would keep ghost costumes on for very long. So, I thought I could make them ghost costumes to play around with, but if they wanted or needed to take them off...they would still be in costume! And I strong armed Kirsten into getting Tess a pumpkin costume so she would fit with the theme. I am so that kind of friend.

Can you guess who had the most fun today?


Miss Vicki said...

YOU had the most fun today w/ Isaac coming in a close second!!
I am also making apple pie this week! YUM!

Melissa said...

You guys would LOVE the sneakers that Atticus wanted to buy the other day (they didn't have his size!) . They are new balance shoes w/ Charlie Brown on them, holding a pumpkin.

Tara Whalen said...

Such cuteness!!!

firefly said...

I second Miss Vicki--you, then Isaac.

Looks like a very fun day.

Mama V said...

I was so looking forward to you posting these! I got a good look at Isaac as Pigpen (he looked like a wild animal being let loose!) but didn't really see Andrew's costume while he was seated in the stroller. SO CUTE those two!

And Tessa... she makes that pumpkin costume all her own with those adorable leg warmers. I could make a pie out of her and eat her!

Jennifer W. said...

adorable! super adorable!