Thursday, November 5, 2009

My street

I really like the street I live on. I live above a store, on a commercial street in a pretty quiet area of Brooklyn. I like that my street is commercial. I like seeing the buses buzz by and hearing the bustle. I like stepping out onto the sidewalk and feeling like I am already in the thick of it. And I like the efficient way that information travels.

For example last night, at midnight, two hours after I went to bed I realized that the Yankees won the World Series. I knew because suddenly the street was filled with hundreds of people cheering. Even the cars were excited. They were zooming up and down the street beeping and hollering.

This neighborhood loves it's local teams. The year the giants won the Super Bowl it was the same scene except more so and for a longer time.

I just wish I could get more news this way. I had to look online to see that Bloomberg won the mayoral election. I guess his fans are a quieter set.


Heather said...

What a cool place to live! and I am drooling at your baking *slurp*

Becky said...

Dropping in from Shimelle's class to say that you live in a super cool place!

Karen said...

Wow love your blog post and loving the look of those pastries.

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a great place to live....and the pastries are to die for.

Deb said...

Love your description of where you live. And your photos are making me hungry! What did you bake? :o)

Mama V said...

Such pretty croissants! I want to hear the way you pronounce "croissant!"

Did the boys wake up with all the hoopla and noise on the street since their room overlooks the street and yours doesn't? Or are they completely used to it by now?

I'm guessing the silence after Bloomberg's win is more of a stunned silence. Heh.

Man, Shimelle's class is BIG! ;)

Ruth said...

Your baking look so tasty!