Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Your Dad and I were very curious at what would happen when the two of you finally became roommates. At one, when Isaac was weaned and no longer needed me during the night, we rearranged our furniture, set up the big crib in Andrew's room and your roommate relationship began.

It took a little time to iron out a smooth bedtime. Isaac liked to lay awake waiting for Andrew to go to bed and once Andrew came in the bedroom, Isaac would pop up and start jumping around in his crib, excited to see his brother. If there was trouble to be caused and mischief to be made, Isaac was usually the ringleader. Though one night, while Mama was away and Daddy was in charge, Andrew managed to fill Isaac's crib with toys before Daddy noticed that anything was amiss.

We expected a bumpy transition. And we certainly expected mischief. But what we didn't expect was the friendship that developed. As roommates you two quickly became buddies. More so than ever before. And Andrew, in particular, benefited from the arrangement. After months of sleepwalking and wondering each morning where we would find Andrew, he finally started staying in his bed. His nighttime wanderings ended. At least for now.

Who knew this would work out so well?


Ruth said...

What a lovely thing to document.

Sian said...

I loved sharing a room with my sister and was sad when we added an extra bedroom to our house! It's a wonderful thing to record.

Melissa said...

So sweet. He must just feel better knowing someone else is there. my sister was always like that, and I think that's part of the reason we are so close. I knew she always wanted me there!

Deb said...

Great post, Robyn. I think it's great that your boys are roommates right now. My sister and I ALWAYS shared a room because there was no other option. It only became an issue once we were teenagers. ;o)

Rhona said...

That's a great layout. My son and daughter used to share a room when they were little and it formed a good bond between them.