Thursday, January 7, 2010

catching up

1. These are last of my Sneak Peeks. I made several of these notebook holders and planned to make more (such a great teacher gift!! And I didn't do it!!! ack. End of the year gift, right?), but will have to revisit this project later. The folks I gave them to seem to like them, though. My mom especially! She is such a list-maker, that one.

2. I also made my brother a set of superhero cards. He's given Andrew a subscription to a monthly comic book and for the last few months, after the comics were well loved by his nephews, I held onto them and cut out some of my favorite frames. And then used the frames to make little cards. I was thinking he could use them at work to write a quick note to a co-worker while Green Lantern says on the front of the card "Actually Wonder Women gave me the idea!" But, I really think that my brother is such a collector that he won't use them at all, but add them to his collection. Maybe, if we are lucky, he'll tell us what he's going to do with them!

3. I cleaned the apartment yesterday for the first time in weeks. This place was gross. And there are still areas that are driving me nuts. But I made a list of the areas and plan to tackle them little by little instead of feeling like I need to do it all at once.

4. And today, I made cookies. My boys have been wandering the kitchen mourning the condition of our dusty cookie jar. Andrew even suggested buying cookies. Can you imagine? So now, when he gets home from school there will be cookies cooling on the counter. Hooray!!!

5. I still don't feel quite like I am back to my regular shenanigans and I feel so surprised that it is taking me so long to catch up. I'm sure I will though. I usually do...


Melissa said...

I'm sure you will, too. (-:

I'm working on parts of my house that annoy me, and it feels so good. Today I'll be cleaning out kitchen junk drawers.

So funny that Andrew wanted to buy cookies!

Mama V said...

Great post! Us list-makers of the world appreciate your #1.

BUY cookies, Andrew?! BLASPHEMY!!

And I'm so digging the cards (and especially the content) you made for Chuck! At first I thought they were coasters (hey, also be a spiffy gift idea!). They sort of remind me of Anne Taintor art -- the products that show a perfectly groomed and smiling 50's woman saying something sarcastic like, "Wow! I get to give birth AND change diapers!" Do you know the ones I'm talking about?

Susan said...

Vanessa I definitely know the art you are talking about! I'm always toying with the idea of decorating my kitchen that way. I used to have a fridge magnet with that exact quote but I just realized I don't have it. Yet one more thing that doesn't seem to have made it to NJ . . .

Anyway, Robyn, don't hate me but I hate comic books. BUT--those cards rock! They are so cool! I could never bear to give them away either!

Deb said...

The Super Hero cards are such a great idea, and I love the leather note book cover.

BTW, I read your post yesterday and was so touched that I couldn't think of what to say in a comment at the time. I thought about it all day though! I'm so glad you are getting this alone time with Isaac, and your posts are so well written. You truly have a gift and I'm glad to be one of your "followers." :o)

Robyn said...

DEB! Thank you! So sweet!

I know exactly what you are talking about Mama V! I can see why these reminded you of that artist. Maybe I should start my own comic inspired line!

Mama V said...

Yes! Another etsy shop update, perhaps?!

Seeking La Loba said...

Those cards are very cool.

Mama brother just sent me a Taintor magnet. It has a Mom pinching a baby's cheek and it reads, "It seemed like such a good idea 12 months ago." :) He sent it to me in honor of my sleep deprivation.

Anonymous said...

I heart those notebooks. They are great!! I'm a list maker and that would make list making so much nicer!! Those superhero cards are super cute too! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity.


p.s. the house can wait. we are slowly digging out from christmas too and their are parts that make me sad, but play with your kids, have fun and do it as it comes!