Friday, January 8, 2010

thank you notes

Thank you notes are one of the things I feel terribly behind on. Usually I have them done by now and everyone feels appropriately thanked for their Christmas generosity. And this year everyone is scratching their heads wondering if we did indeed like the DVDs or if we really did get that check in the mail. Well, soon friends and family can breathe a sigh of relief because yesterday the boys and I cranked out a few notes and got the ball rolling. And that feels great!

I love making and sending thank you notes. I might even like it more than Christmas cards. I do my best to write a cheeky little message and then I sit and picture the recipient getting their mail, opening the envelope and nodding to themselves that I really am as awesome as they suspected. It's a win-win kind of crafting.

And it turns out, Isaac is totally with me on this.


Rhona said...

Isaac is so cute, it looks like he's enjoying his time with his Mummy :o)
Well done on the Thank You notes!

Melissa said...

I always loved doing thank you notes, too, but I hardly ever do them myself any more. Isaac looks so mature in that last picture!

Julie said...

Even if they come a little bit later, they are still appreciated by the receiver. I always make my kids do this also. I think it is a good habit to have.

Miss Vicki said...

I am going out today and buy a new box of crayons!! I can smell them already. Isaac is sooo cute coloring. I love getting your thank yous. And you are right--they are cheeky.

Miss Vicki said...

Oh, one more thing about Isaac. When we were there and he was "sharing" my snack w/ me, he would take each piece (pear, cheese, cracker) I handed him and go to the dining room and sit in his booster seat and eat it, then repeat the process until we were both out of food. Absolutely adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I'm SOOO behind on thank you notes too. I decided I couldn't make them as that would take longer and will use some homemade ones a friend gave me. Now they are still sitting on my desk and I still look unappreciative!


p.s. but I think us busy moms should get a pass :)