Friday, January 15, 2010


Isaac is just blossoming right now. It's been so interesting to see all the changes that he is going through now that Andrew is tucked away at school in the mornings. He just seems so much older, and wiser, and has become my snuggley little sidekick.

Yesterday when I was looking through some photos from last Spring, I found this set of Andrew and Isaac playing trains. Andrew had set up cardboard boxes, asked me to make signs for him and Isaac to show which trains they were, and he and Isaac crawled all through the boxes. This was so typical of how they played last Spring. Andrew would assemble some sort of obstacle course and he and Isaac would climb all through it for hours.

They play much differently now and noticing that change made me want to record the way they used to play. It's interesting to me that what was an everyday thing 6 months ago, doesn't happen anymore. It's been updated and adjusted and replaced with new types of play and new depth of relationship. Now that Isaac is becoming more and more himself, he is less willing to just go along with Andrew's ideas and is more assertive about his own little will. It definitely complicates things, but, I think it's just as it should be.


Rhona said...

I really like your use of bright coloured circles on this layout. It's lovely to hear how Isaac is changing and finding himself, now that Andrew is at school longer

Cat said...

Great layout!

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

I stumbled on your blog (somehow--you know how the blog world is :) and I really love your crafts/scrapbooks pages/recipes. Neat blog! Keep up the good work!

Ladkyis said...

there is just 13 months between my boys (they are grown up now) and when they were small Mark was desperate to be exactly like his big brother. When Michael went to school MArk was quite lost for a while and suddenly began to find himself. You as so wise to record this marvellous time. I have no phtographs or scrap books of my boys then because their dad took them when we split up. the boys will have them one day and that's what matters