Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deb14's Scones and other heart shaped foods

Yesterday I finally made Deb14's "Original traditional English scone". I had to look up conversions for how many cups of flour is 8 oz (1 cup!) and how much butter is 2 oz (1/4 cup!), and I added my own little heart-shaped touch. These scones have been a huge hit and I had to chase people out of the kitchen yesterday before the whole batch was eaten. Thanks Deb14!

Here's her recipe, in her own words:

8oz Self Raising Flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon caster sugar
2oz margarine or butter
1 egg
5 tablespoons milk
2oz sultanas (optional)

Now, if you don't have caster sugar in the US it may be called Superfine sugar or you can just grind up normal sugar until it is fine!
Likewise, if you don't have self raising flour it is just plain flour with a raising agent included.
OK so we have our ingredients, now heat your oven to 230 degrees Centigrade or 450 degrees farenheit (HOT!)Put your baking sheet in the oven to get hot while you are preparing the mix.
1. Sift flour, salt and baking powder together then rub in the fat until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
2.Sprinkle in the sugar and mix together. If adding fruit, stir it in now!
3. Mix egg and milk together.
4. Make a well in the centre of the mixture and pour egg/milk in and make into a fairly soft dough.
Don't put it all in at once - depending on the size of the egg you may not need it all
5. Knead it gently then roll out to about 1" thick.
6. Enlist the help of two enthusiastic boys to cut out circles with a 2" cutter
7. Place on the hot baking sheet, brush with a little of the leftover egg/milk mix and cook for about 8 - 10 minutes until golden brown.

And a lunchbox update:
I am still loving packing Andrew's lunch in the mornings. I like getting a little creative with the lunches, which does not always go over well with Andrew. Last week, I used little letter stickers to write out "Andrew's Banana!" on his banana peel. I thought he would open his lunchbox and find the little message hilarious. But when I picked him up from school and pestered him about his lunch he told me he couldn't eat his banana because "it had stickers all over it". Stink. So, I've decided to save my letter stickers for better uses and stick to more normal lunchbox contents.

Today's lunch has two heart shaped scones with cream cheese and jam, grapes, grape tomatoes and homemade heart shaped chicken nuggets. I'm curious to see how he does with shaped foods since stickers were such a flop. Here's hoping he loves it. ;)


Anonymous said...

Once the other kids figure out that Andrew has the best lunches, he will have many lunch buddies, looking for anything to share.

scrappyjacky said...

Scones with jam and cream are just bliss!

Mama V said...

I've never been a scone fan but yours are the best I've tried. (Moist!) How does Deb14's new recipe compare to the recipe you usually use (in terms of taste/texture)?

Is there ketchup in that little animal container mixed in with the tomatoes? I'm so curious!

I love seeing how differently our children eat from yours. Food says so much about their (and our) personalities, don't you think?

Heart-shaped chicken nuggets: how cool! That's commitment! I'm digging the hearts-in-everything theme! Did you use the cutter on the chicken while raw or after cooking/frying/baking?

debs14 said...

I am swelling with pride that my scones have become a blog post! I'm so pleased they were a hit. I work with a New Yorker so I should have asked her for conversions before I sent the recipe. Now, is there any other English delicacy you would like to try? How about a nice English trifle? When my penfriend from Chicago came to visit years ago she had never heard of trifle but fell in love with it!

sharyncarlson said...

What a perfect lunch. I could seriously go for one of those scones with some cream cheese and jam :)

Loralee said...


So, I wonder about the whole weight conversions. I've seen anything from 4 1/2 oz, 5 oz and now 8 oz of flour for one cup. Where did you find yours? And Robyn, if you don't have one, a scale is one of my most oft-used kitchen tools! And not expensive at all. Definitely worthwhile.

I'd love to know about the chicken, too. Cooked or uncooked when you shaped it?

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That is a really cute lunch & the scones sound delicious!

Robyn said...

For the chicken nuggets: I put cut up raw chicken cutlets, apple, onion and breadcrumbs in the food processor. Then I formed that into a disc and used my heart cookie cutter to cut out the nuggets and then fried them in canola oil. I got the recipe from Anabel Karmel's First Meals.

Mama V: We are out of ketchup. I put pink and red m&m's in the little animal container. How do your kids eat differently? Oh right..no tomatoes, right?

Wow, Loralee! I just googled "8 oz flour" and got some obscure site that said "1 cup!" I ended up adding more flour actually.

Deb, I have never heard of English trifle! Is it a cake?

jiw said...

oh, silly Andrew..that's funny that he "couldn't eat his banana". I loved when my mom put notes in my lunch box. Maybe try that?
and those scones with jam and cream -- oh man, I'm itching for one right now! and a cup of tea!

debs14 said...

OK, trifle is a dessert. In order to make it you need something that we call 'jelly' which may cause a bit of translation problem! My penfriend said it was a bit like something called 'Jell-o'. I think that jelly for you is a kind of jam/preserve ie peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
A good recipe for trifle is here http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/type-of-dish/desserts/trifle/traditional-trifle.html
This is an adult version, you don't have to put any alcohol in
it in which case it is a really traditional family dessert. You can use most fruits, sliced peach or cherries work really well. For the sponge cakes you can use left over slices of ordinary sponge cake or cupcakes, it's going to soak up the jelly so it doesn't matter. It's a real family favourite over here!

Ladkyis said...

I always thought that the sponge cake used in trifle was fatless... doesn't the fat in normal sponge do something to the jelly?

Oh and NEVER use Kiwi fruit in trifle because they have something in them that stops jelly from setting.

Deb said...

Yum - the scones look amazing! Cute story about the stickers on the banana! lol

Wendy said...

The stickers on the banana made me laugh out loud! And I love your heart chicken nuggets. I have that cookbook -- I'll have to dig it out again for some ideas.

debs14 said...

Ladkyis is correct, kiwi fruit have something in them that stop jelly setting and the other fruit you should avoid is pineapple. All red fruit and peaches are absolutely fine!