Monday, January 25, 2010


Today has been lovely and rainy. Andrew and Isaac were both taken with the rain, their raincoats and being blown about a little in the wind. Isaac insisted on wearing his raincoat for most of the morning, protesting even the hood leaving his head. Isaac and I did some cleaning after dropping off Andrew at school, and while Isaac napped, I made a scrapbook page.

Here's what the journaling says:
When Uncle Josh and Aunt Desiree asked you to be the ring bearer in their wedding, I admit, I was very nervous. You are one rambunctious little guy and weddings are a big deal. It seemed like a precarious mix. Your dad and I prepared you by showing you YouTube videos of ring bearers. You practiced walking around the apartment holding a pillow, and still I was nervous.

At the rehearsal, you wanted nothing to do with the whole thing. You would only walk down the “aisle” if I were with you. And I had to carry the ring pillow. Your suit was too big and I forgot to pack your socks. I felt like my worries were confirmed. This was going to be hard.

On the wedding day itself, your dad and I were armed with pockets of candy. Linda, Grampy’s wife, was in charge of Isaac so your dad and I could both pour our energies into coaxing you down the aisle.

What we didn’t plan on, and what ended up helping more than anything, was the flower girl. The flower girl was Desiree’s cousin’s daughter. She was older and bossy and had no trouble getting you to do what you needed to do. You held onto her arm for dear life as she marched down the aisle, tossing about flower petals, determined to get you both to your destination.

And it worked! You ended up in the right spot, at the right time, pillow firmly in your grasp. You sat with Dad and I during the ceremony and the flower girl got you up back up the aisle when the ceremony was over.

It turns out, Andrew, that you don’t make a shabby ring bearer, after all. Especially when there is a take-charge flower girl around!


Susan said...

So cute! My kids are going to be in a weeding in May and I'm nervous. Eric says not to be because no one takes the risk of having kids in their wedding without the full knowledge of a possible "situation." The bride in our case has given me permission to pull the plug up until the last minute. But maybe if Margaret is having a bossy day instead of a shy day they'll do alright ;)

Susan said...

A wedding. Not a weeding. We don't even have a garden.

firefly said...

"no one takes the risk of having kids in their wedding without the full knowledge of a possible "situation.""

And as a matter of fact, the hope of a flower girl/ringbearer-inspired "situation" is probably one of the things I look forward to most in anticipation of a wedding. I recently went to a wedding in a beautiful Japanese garden at which, in lieu of petals, the two flower girls tossed fish food into the pond which was the centerpiece of the garden. It was a well-trafficked public garden and as a consequence, the koi had grown fat and greedy from regular food offerings. The obese fish lunged literally out of the pond and up on to the land's edge in order to get at the tossed food, sending the flower girls into screaming retreat as the fish flailed and splashed about after them. It was like Jaws on a bonzai scale.

Best. Wedding. Moment. Ever.

But even though Andrew failed to deliver any prize memorable moments to his performance as ringbearer, he sure looks stinkin' cute in his baggy little suit. SUCH a cutie!

Seeking La Loba said...

Oh my Marti. That story is too much.

And I love the Andrew at the wedding story too. I was glad to read it again.

And I liked the rainy day too. Even if it was messy at first.

Ruth said...

What a brilliant story and you've showcased it perfectly.