Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tales from Winter Break

Andrew has no school this week, so the kids and I took the opportunity to go to Vermont for a few days to visit Grandmama and Granddaddy.

My mom collects lots of antique children's things: high chairs, cribs, toys and this small desk. My kids have a hard time understanding that these treasures are for display only. They see an antique wagon and assume it's for them. ;) Imagine that! This visit Isaac was particularly interested in this small antique desk. It's just his size and has old school books sitting with it for him to browse.

My mom kept lots of toys from my siblings' and my childhood. Andrew likes the Lincoln Logs. He made this house and told us that it's a little house for tiny Grandmamas and tiny Granddaddys. He made windows for them to look out and gave them chimneys for when they "set fires". Those tiny Grandmamas are always setting fires.

Isaac helped out with the farm chores.

And brought the farm equipment on our walk in case the neighbors needed a hand. We ended up parking the mower by the side of the road and picked it back up on our way home. Those neighbors will just have to mow their own snow covered lawns.

Thanks Mom and Dad! It was a great trip!


Deb said...

Great photos, Robyn! I really love the last one - of Isaac trailing behind. So cute.

Glad you had a good visit with your folks. :o)

Miss Vicki said...

It makes me wonder what people think we "set fires" for. I have a nice fire going now=)
Miss you and the Thomas train is on the way home.
Oh, they just called and the new kitchen faucet is on the way this afternoon!!!