Thursday, February 25, 2010

water and snow

first: water

Yesterday I put this page together and it took me a long time to get it to work. I printed the two smaller photos too small and I had the title in blue letters on dark blue paper and everything just looked off. So off I was getting a headache! How's that for a fun and relaxing hobby?

Then I took a break, picked up Andrew from school and gave it some thought. I decided to reprint the smaller photos a tad larger and pick up some of that orange in Isaac's clothes and add more of it here and there. A five minute fix and now I love it. The orange makes this page! ;)

Here's what I wrote:
All summer Andrew was scared of water. He did not want to play in the sprinklers at the playground, he did not want to go into the ocean, and every bath was a battle. We are not really sure why he was so scared of water, but we can trace it back to a hike we took in early summer when we all got covered in ticks. I didn’t see any ticks on Andrew until bath time and when I saw some on his back I scooped him up, grabbed my tweezers and began the ugly process of removing them. We think he associated the water with the ticks because after that he wanted nothing to do with getting wet.

We went to the playground everyday and I always put on the boys’ water shoes hoping that that day would be the day that Andrew overcame his fears and headed for the sprinklers. But day after day he ran for the hot and dry playground equipment.

One day it was just too hot. And although I knew Andrew wouldn’t want to go in the water, I thought Isaac would want to. So I had Andrew sit on the bench by the fountains while Isaac cooled off. He sat and watched Isaac run around in the water and gradually he left the bench to join him! And we were all glad that he did.

Now: snow

Funny to show that summer page on a day like today. I took this on the way to school this morning! We are getting crazy fat flakes today!


Mama V said...

I like reading about your trial-and-error process. It seems you've been including that in your writing more and more. It helps me look at your work from different angles.

The page looks great, and the picture of Andrew with those big, fluffy flakes is lovely.

Ruth said...

That last photo is just adorable!

Deb said...

Funny how walking away from a frustrating project makes all the difference when you come back to it.

Love how the layout turned out, and the snow picture at the end of your post is adorable!!!

erin said...

I love this photo of Andrew. Its such a sweet picture of a little boy experiencing the snow.