Monday, March 8, 2010

another sign of Spring

In the winter we cut down to bathing the boys twice a week. Their skin dries out in our over-heated apartment and they just don't get as dirty in the winter. They simply don't need to bathe much. But yesterday afternoon, after two days of outside play and playground romping, Dave and I sat around wondering what that smell was. It was then we knew that Spring is indeed upon us. And we quickly got the boys into the bath.

This scrapbook shows is a collection of photos from a week we spent in the Adirondacks with our friends Kirsten, Eric and Tess last summer. I am really enjoying making these photo collages and fitting lots of images on two pages. I have a feeling these will be some of our favorite pages to look back on.


Mama V said...

Two days a week?! It's more like two times a month around here! Spring is definitely changing all that for us as well...

Those pictures are lovely! It's often nice when you use just one or two pictures in a scrapbook page for the simplicity of the look but I also like seeing pages with that tell more than one story and include all the characters involved. Plus that place is just lovely. (And I want to stand under a water fall again!)

erin said...

The Town Tinker Tube Rental???