Wednesday, March 17, 2010

seeing rainbows

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone! This is not really a holiday I get much into, though maybe I should. There are a lot of Irish in my neighborhood and one of my kids could easily be mistaken as a lad of Ireland (but those are Scottish roots coming through Isaac's least I think they are. Right Mom?). Anyway, when I got a notice for a St. Patrick's Day bake sale at Andrew's school, I started seeing rainbows.

Yesterday after school Andrew and I made these cookie pops decked out with rainbow jimmies for his bake sale. And Isaac and I will head out the door in a few minutes to see the St. Patrick's Day parade his school is having.

Looks like we'll be having a surprisingly Irish day!
No corned beef necessary.

And in other news: my oven broke. While baking these cookies I realized that that had to be the last time I used it until some repairs happen...or, perhaps, a new oven is installed! We'll see how our landlord's response time is. I'm hoping for lightning fast!


firefly said...

So sad about your oven! I hope your landlord understands how much you need it.

Maybe you better send him/her a link to your blog! :)

Jennifer I. Walker said...

Hi Robyn, this is unrelated, but I'd love to see a post from you about living with kidletts in a small-ish apartment. (At least I think you're place is small-ish?)
I'm looking into buying a place, but can only afford something around 1200 square feet and wonder if that is crazy small, and I'll regret buying something once I adopt my baby.
How do you organize all that baby stuff I'm told I'll need? What about toys? I obviously won't have a separate playroom.
Any thoughts about this? I always love your tips and your commenters always have good ideas, too!

Robyn said...

Jennifer! Good idea! I wonder how many square feet I live in. Anyone good at estimating that? Mama V? Susan? Marti?

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Bummer about the oven. I hope it gets fixed soon. The cookie pops look cute!

Rhona said...

The cookie pops are a great idea and easy for the children to hold. Hope the oven situation is sorted out quickly!

Mama V said...

Those lollipop cookies are adorable!

I wonder if your oven went kaput because it saw more lifetimes than most ovens do. RIP, Oven! You've served us ALL well! ;)

I stink at guesstimating square footage... I imagine that your apartment has somewhere between 600-800 square feet? (Would Dave know somehow?) I love that living in small spaces usually leads to (relatively) simple living.

Miss Vicki said...

I thought it was bad when my oven died but yours dying is a tragedy of monumental proportions!! Those cookie pops are really adorable!
I am glad I won't be around when you go into baking withdrawal!!

Susan said...

Robyn I would guess you have closer to 900 square feet. I know that our last DC apartment was 800 and our St. Paul house was 1100 and your apartment is definitely in between the two, leaning towards the smaller one.

Jennifer, we have three kids and have lived in four different places with them. Square footage is important but not nearly as important as the layout. It sounds like you will just have one baby? I would think you'll be able to survive just fine in most 1200 sq. foot setups. Robyn and I are both baby stuff minimalists, for the most part. You really don't need much: a place to sleep (mine sleep with me but a pack and play doesn't take up much space, either), a couple toys, a sling or other soft carrier, and collapsible stroller, a little high chair that attaches to a regular dining room chair. It doesn't take up too much space.

Think outside the box with regard to storage and how rooms are to be used and declutter like a madwoman!

But I'd still love to see any posts Robyn might have up her sleeve on the subject :) I can't post on this in good conscience right now since we're rattling around in 1500 sq. ft. But we hope to stay here for awhile and add more kids. I'm sure it'll feel tight eventually!

MandiCrocker said...

These look terrific!!! :) :) :)