Friday, April 30, 2010

waiting for the bus

Today I watched Dave and Andrew wait for the bus at the stop across the street. Andrew was wearing his backpack and was eagerly looking down the street, eyes peeled for the bus. There is something about watching him do the things that grown ups do everyday, that make him seem still so small.

Last night I put together this scrapbook page. I ended up printing what I wrote for the blog post about trick-or-treating and using it here. Love it when the hard part is already done.


cheryl said...

That layout is so cute! I love the
Peanuts characters!

Rhona said...

Great layout, I love that although it's a white background you still have a touch of the halloween colours!
Have a lovely weekend.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Very nice page! Love the colors!

Gee said...

I too love the white background. Note to self - remember this for Halloween 2010