Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Last week we all went for a walk. We decided to avoid the playground, expecting the mob-scene that comes out when the weather is so perfect, and instead walked on the path by the harbor.

Andrew had found a fly in our apartment earlier that day and was interested in looking for more bugs, so when we found a shaded patch of grass, safely fenced from the traffic, we decided to look around. He and I headed for a spot with long grass and sat quietly waiting for bugs to catch our eyes. Dave and Isaac started picking and blowing on fluffy, white dandelions.

Dave showed Isaac what happened when you blew on dandelions. Isaac showed Dave what happened when you shook them with your chubby fist. Soon we were all collecting and sharing and blowing on dandelions. The light was sparkly through the trees and caught the dandelion seeds as they floated mid-air. There was dandelion fluff in our hair and I kept thinking "this is magic".

I didn't have my camera. I wish I had had it, because everything was just so beautiful. And I was glad I didn't, because it's absence forced me to simply enjoy, take in the moment, and risk losing it to a faulty memory. And now, days later, I don't regret missing those shots.

Party prep is well underway, and my excitement is building!
Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.


Deb said...

Hi Robyn ~ Just catching up over here. You have been busy. :o) I love your dandelions story ~ I always enjoy your stories told with photos that don't quite "match" the text but are still so YOU.

The bunting is adorable - I have been wanting to make one for a while now. Can't wait to see party pix! Have an awesome day! xo

Kirsten said...

Does this mean you and your sewing machine are making up?

debs14 said...

When I was little I was told you could tell the time from a dandelion flower. For every puff you took to blow the fluff away it was one hour!
So pleased you were able to join in with all the fun rather than be the official photographer!

Ladkyis said...

I had the honour of teaching my DGD to tell the time with w dandelion clock. She was so excited (age 3) she rushed over to her daddy with the poor denuded stem and yelled "Blow Daddy, BLOW!"

I had my camera and managed two quick pictures and made this page as a result