Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My mom has been visiting the last couple of days. Dave is at a conference in Norway and my mom came down to help me with the boys for a few days while he is away.

My kids love it when she comes. Especially Andrew. Sometimes he loves it so much he gets completely overwhelmed and becomes a loony bin. But this time he loved it just right. Which was a relief for everyone, especially him I imagine.

While she was here, I put her right to work. She washed dishes (lots of them!), folded laundry and was the primary diaper changer. She helped with some party prep and was the chief entertainer while I made dinner each night, keeping little bodies busy, which is no easy task.

My favorite part of her visits are when we see or hear the kids do something cute or funny. I love laughing with her about their crazy antics. So nice to share that with her.

When it was time for her to leave, Andrew did not want her to go. He locked the front door, put a chair in front of it and sat in the chair to barricade us in. Which in Andrew means, "I love you very, very much."

Thanks for coming, Mom!!
We'll miss you!


Mama V said...

Welcome to Brooklyn, Mrs. Dill!

The reinforcement symbolized in those pretzel braids/knots is such a nice analogy to your mom coming into town to help.

Baking is just brimming with symbolism! ;)

firefly said...

Oh my gosh, I WANT one!

Miss Vicki said...

I had a fabulous time! The boys are so great but quite a handful! I don't know how Robyn gets anything done. But she keeps it all together. Isaac adores his trains and Andrew his mazes. We had fabulous meals too. I just loved Andrew blocking my way when I was leaving (wiping tears from my eyes from the $60. parking ticket I had just gotten.) When I paid the ticket last PM, I had to check mark "guilty" on the ticket-that was a first for me. Thanks, Robyn for a great time-I'm glad I could help.