Thursday, May 27, 2010

Through This Door

Here's what it says:

History of Through This Door:

In 2007 Marti started a blog called Through This Door. Her blog slowly became a small community of women that found connection and friendship on her site. In March of 2008 she expanded the blog, promoting the 5 frequent visitors from readers to authors. We use the space to share all kinds of things: from recipes to photos to family stories to deep dark secrets.

Through This Door and the community I’ve found there has really meant a lot to me these past three years. I often find it challenging to make the time to connect with friends since having children. Having an online outlet for social interaction has been really important to me. Since most of my face to face interactions are with the 5 and under set, being seen and known by lovely, intelligent women has made me feel not so small anymore. As an adult I understand better that finding good, solid friendships is often a shot in the dark. It makes me feel so fortunate for these friendships I have found.

Members of Through This Door:

Marti: I met Marti at Gordon. She lives in San Francisco, works in Resource Conservation and has a small dog, Benedick.
Kirsten: Marti introduced Kirsten and I and we have become good friends. She lives in Queens with Eric and Tess and is one of Andrew’s best friends.
Melissa: I met Melissa at Gordon (she was my RA!) and got back in touch with her through TTD. She lives in Massachusetts with her DJ husband Chris and her sons Atticus and Enzo. She teaches Spanish at Smith.
Anne: I have never met Anne! She lives in Orange County with her husband Coung and her daughter Camille. She is an RN.
Sarah: Melissa introduced all of us to Sarah. Sarah lives in Massachusetts with Matthew and her son Zane (who just turned 16!). She used to own a snazzy café and now works for an alternative education program.

Through This Door Reunion:

In the fall of 2009, Marti flew out to Massachusetts and the women of TTD brought their families together for a TTD reunion. It was the first time so many of us were together (Anne couldn’t make it!) and it was the first time most of us met Sarah. We spent the weekend at Sarah’s and Melissa’s hanging out, seeing their town, going for walks. It was really nice and is hopefully something we can do again!


Ruth said...

What a wonderful story! And I'm loving those wee houses ~ can you remember who made them?
There are times when you really do have to love BlogLand ~ TTD is a perfect illustration of the power of the Internet for good.

Robyn said...

Ruth, I have to confess every time you leave a comment I excited say (outloud sometimes!) "Ruth!" Funny, huh?

Anyway...I love those little houses too! They are by Maya Road. There is also a tree set that I have and love too.

I's kind of amazing how amazing the internet is.

Mama V said...

Making deep friendships after children IS so much challenging than before! How wonderful that you've found this supportive community of awesome women!

Just curious: is there a story behind the title of your group blog? What does Through This Door come from?

Firefly said...

Vanessa, it comes from a poem by Adrienne Rich about how living into people/places/things foreign to your own experience will transform you in ways you can't predict.

Prospective Immigrants Please Note

Either you will
go through this door
or you will not go through.

If you go through
there is always the risk
of remembering your name.

Things look at you doubly
and you must look back
and let them happen.

If you do not go through
it is possible
to live worthily

to maintain your attitudes
to hold your position
to die bravely

but much will blind you,
much will evade you,
at what cost who knows?

The door itself
makes no promises.
It is only a door.

Firefly said...

But we have since had all sorts of jokes going about that title. The husbands of TTD women joked about starting a blog called "Out the Window."

debs14 said...

This is a great story - thanks for sharing. I often wonder who the people who comment regularly on your blog are - the names don't always give it away ... Firefly ...Mama V ....
The internet is a great way of 'meeting' people that you would never normally come across. I'm so pleased you have made so many good new friends through your other blog.

Deb said...

Great story. Great layout. Great tale of friendships. xo