Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These four photos were some of my favorites from Beach Week, so last night I went ahead and put this quick scrapbook page together (a full 6 months ahead of schedule! I usually don't get around to getting the photos on paper until 6 months later. But...don't you worry...I'll get back to fall and winter stories soon.).

Here's what it says:

Tara and the kids fly in from Colorado for the June Beach Week. This year Andrew was confused about the Colorado part. He thought we were going to Colorado. Or that the beach was in Colorado. But somewhere along the line he sorted it out a little and began to call Tara's family: The Colorado Family. And I must say, they certainly are a memorable bunch.

For the record, Andrew is still confused about the Colorado part. This morning he asked me if we could go to Colorado so we could watch Tom And Jerry (the DVDs my nephew brought to the beach). He also frequently asks me which street Colorado is on. ;) Geography is so confusing.


Susan said...

We stopped in Wisconsin to see Eric's dad at his home there on our way back East last week. Then Sunday we went to Grandpa's CT house which he had driven to at the same time we were driving to NJ. The kids had just been starting to get the concept of big geographical distances and then we see Grandpa once far away and once close by in the space of three days. Poor kids.

Melissa said...

great pages! great family! great memories of the FAMILY, which won't be lost BECAUSE of teh PAGES!

debs14 said...

It's such a tough concept to grasp isn't it? There is a small island off the south coast of England called the Isle of Wight. My daughter always thought it was behind some big white gates about 3 miles away from where we live! I don't think she really understood what an island was!

Firefly said...

Such a beautiful family! Love those mustaches. :)

Tara Whalen said...

LOVE IT!!! They get the 'staches from our side of the family.

I love that Andrew. He is so darn cute.