Friday, June 25, 2010

Eggs, Cheesecake and Graduates

1. Eggs

I read a story once about a little boy that would take the carton of eggs out of the fridge and break all of the eggs. And honestly, I thought, "what is wrong with that mom? Why can't she keep her son from breaking all of the eggs?" And now I know better.

Isaac is having an intense week. He's been crawling out of his crib, causing general havoc at nap and bedtime. He climbed out of his stroller one day on the way home from school and I ended up chasing him down the block. And... he's found the eggs.

Yesterday Andrew and I were in his room fixing the marble track that Isaac knocked down. And while we were working on it I heard Isaac banging something on the coffee table. I look up and he has the carton of eggs and is taking each egg out of the carton and smacking it on the table. AMAZINGLY only one of the eggs cracked and I was able to rescue them and get them back in the fridge. But he has since brought me the egg carton three or four times. Now there is baby gate up in the kitchen, and although he can knock that down, it gives me time to dash to the scene.

Isaac has had periods like this before. He seems to hit these spurts when he's learned something new and he just goes into overdrive. They are intense periods, but they don't last long and I end up crossing everything off of my to-do lists and replacing everyday chores with 'keep Isaac alive' and now 'protect the eggs'.

2. Cheesecakes

I got up early this morning to get this cheesecake in the oven before the day warmed up too much. I wanted to make a cake to celebrate Andrew's graduation from preschool. I sort of think preschool graduation is a little silly, but this year of Andrew's education will probably end up being one of the more significant ones, and so a nice cool cheesecake seemed like a good way to mark the occasion. This is my best cheesecake recipe and I got it from here. It's seriously amazing. My cheesecakes always have giant cracks in them...but I plan on covering the whole thing with cherries and no one will notice.

3. Graduates

During the graduation ceremony each class did a little performance. Andrew is in a mixed age class and so there are only 5 students going on to Kindergarten. They sang and danced to the song Calendar Girl. It was stinkin' adorable. Andrew had his eyes squeezed shut the whole time, but did the moves right along with everyone else.

Brilliant way to deal with stage fright, kiddo! With the size of this crowd, I would have needed a way to cope too! ;)


Ruth said...

Hey, way to go, dude! Well done Andrew!

Ruth said...

I think I've just posted that last comment in the wrong place, but lovely cards, though!

Mama V said...

Congratulations, Little Man! The members of the A-S household are proud of you!

Mama V said...

I didn't think to mention this earlier. (Your post is so full of fodder for comment-making!) My cheesecakes used to always crack as well. Though I like my cheesecake unadulterated with fruit, like you, I never really cared what they looked like as long as they tasted good! Besides, all the tips people kept suggesting -- don't overbake, use low heat, cool slowly, yadda yadda -- seemed too tedious to try. BUT, I borrowed the concept of a Bano de Maria from my mother's flan recipe once, and it worked... um, sometimes. Just wrap your pan in foil before submerging in agua. Have you ever tried that?

debs14 said...

American cheesecakes are so different to English, I need to find a good baked cheesecake recipe! Over here, we use a crushed biscuit base and the filling is usually just creamed cheese, icing sugar and whipped cream.
Andrew looks like he's having fun on stage (especially using the 'if I can't see THEM, they can't see ME' method!) You must have been a very proud mummy.
And well done Isaac in managing to find a foolproof way of getting your mum's attention ;-)

Deb said...

What a great post, Robyn. I love that Andrew kept his eyes closed and still got all the moves right! ha!

And your little stinker, Isaac. Never a dull moment, is there?

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

adorable photos!

MandiCrocker said...

I found the recipe you use for your cheesecake online... that looks AWESOME.