Saturday, June 12, 2010

party recap!!

Andrew's Maze Party was a smashing success!

The kids followed the signs and arrows to the part of the park where we were having the party.

And they found this!

and then they found Andrew!

First on the agenda? An obstacle course! They had to climb through tents, run down a foot piano, crawl through a tunnel, stop to make some bubbles and climb into the last tent where they blew a whistle and then ran back to the start. Then they all cycled through over and over until the obstacle course slowly fell apart! ;)

Then we started a scavenger hunt! Each kid got a monogrammed bag with tools to help them search: a mini telescope, a compass and a magnifying glass.

and they each got a map with star stickers to show them where the goodies were hidden.

and off they go!

Then we ate and sang and had cake!

Then they ran and yelled and laughed (and cried!) and wild mayhem took over.

and when everyone was sufficiently tired, we all went home.

It was great. I really think Andrew soaked in some love. He took a turn towards cranky about two hours in, so we took that as our cue and started to wind things down. But once we got home, he was glowing. He went through his gifts and was lovey and just so happy all evening. And so, I'd say, he had a great time! And so did I!


Erin Leigh said...

What fun! I think I'll try to hire you to run my childrens' parties when they are older! ;) (They are currently 18 mo. and 4 mo.)

Ruth said...

Robyn, you are one amazing mummy! I'm sending my boy over to NYC in January for his 4th birthday ~ OK?

Cat said...

wow! amazing party!
those kids are so lucky: I love obstacle courses and scavenger hunts!
Andrew looks so happy!!!!
Great job!

Deb said...

That looks like a fun-filled afternoon with lots of activities to sufficiently wear everyone out. The games and activities you planned were awesome, Robyn. So glad Andrew had fun!

Firefly said...

Wish I could have been there!

Geez, it looks like a great turnout--lots of little ones!

Tess looks so cute joining in with the big kids.

I love the picture of Andrew blowing out the candles.

Great job, Robyn.

Cat said...

You must tell us what was on the picnic menu. I love the snack bags. And the Five candles!

Mama V said...

Our favorite part was entering the park and seeing all the signs to follow, and then coming upon the arrows written with sidewalk chalk. Very festive! And it got Lucas excited. The execution of the game ideas were great! I forgot to ask you, where did you get all the pop-up tents and the piano for the obstacle course?

Robyn said...

"You must tell us what was on the picnic menu."

There really wasn't much food. It was a 2:30 party...and I wanted it games and play heavy and foo light. So they got a little bag of trail mix, some fruit and some cheese. Though the cheese got a little wonky in the heat. ;) There were juice boxes and water bottles and cupcakes...but that's it!

"where did you get all the pop-up tents and the piano for the obstacle course?" They're ours! We've been given those tents over the years for various things...and the piano was a Christmas gift a few years ago. But they all collapse nicely and I can store them in the boys' closet.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

looks like a lot of fun

Plume said...

Awesome party planner that you are! Great party! I'm with Erin Leigh, I think I'm going to hire you for my kiddo's future parties.

And off topic, but I think I never told you. Those raspberry muffins? Wonderful!

Brenda said...

Fantastic Job, Robyn! You are so creative!

Tara Whalen said...

This is amazing! Great job Bob!!!