Tuesday, July 27, 2010

this and that

1. I opened up this blog several times yesterday to put a post up, but kept deciding not to because that first photo of Isaac on yesterday's post was so stinkin' cute.

2. I can't think of anything to write lately anyway. ;)

3. I made this scrapbook page a few days ago. I coated the letters and bracket shape in glue and dipped them in my boys' sandbox to coat them in sand.

4. The weather was much, much better yesterday, but I still felt heavy and sluggish. I feel like the summer is taking its toll and I will need some time to rebound. Luckily, I get from September to May. That should do it.

5. We are playing hooky today and going to the beach with Kirsten and Tess. A day of hookie should do me good!

6. And that's all I've got!


S said...

Great layout - love the sand idea.

debs14 said...

The sand idea is great. I love the way the photos look almost black and white with just a hint of colour in them. Great layouts, hope your day at the beach makes you feel better x

Deb said...

While I agree that the photo of Isaac was a tough act to follow, it was still fun to see your latest layout. I love the addition of the sand to the letters! Have fun at the beach!

Rhona said...

Love the layout and the idea of dipping the letters in sand was brilliant! Hope you have a great time at the beach!

Melissa said...

Hooky from what?

Robyn said...

"Hooky from what?"

school! Andrew still goes to school everyday. Picking him up and dropping him off takes about hour and a half combined. miles of walking. in the heat!!! ;)

and hooky from housework, daily routine, etc. that too. But SCHOOL dang it! He is SOOO riding that little bus in the fall.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Lovely layout! Summer is wearing me down too. I just need to get through August

Amy said...

Summer is the same here in Australia - we need the winter to prepare for the heat!