Sunday, July 25, 2010


Isaac likes to paint.

and be painted.

He likes to get lost in the bush.

and sit down in filthy lakes shortly after getting clean clothes on.

and he seems to like the faux eggs I found hidden in a corner at church this morning. It kept him out of the fridge all afternoon. Which I must say, makes for a nice afternoon.

I feel like I am getting to know this little guy more and more. And I just love it. He's just jam packed with personality. In a messy, adventurous, shy, quiet, stubborn, passionate, fearless kind of way. It seems I have my hands full with this little one. ;)


Miss Vicki said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are just what I needed this morning!! What a cutie.

Mama V said...

Hmm, I think YOU are the one who likes to paint Isaac!

He's definitely a cutie!

Deb said...

Such a sweet post about Isaac. LOVE the painting pix!!! xo

Rhona said...

He is just so cute! I'm so glad you're getting the time to get to know him better. He seems such a sweetheart!

Melissa said...

Such a good idea for a post, Robyn. This captures some details about Isaac that are so fun to know.