Friday, July 9, 2010

we're getting there

Yesterday's high: 86
Today's expected high: 86
but still really, really humid

So, it seems the heat has broken for now. We are back where we should be (in the 80's!) and yesterday I applied the wisdom gained by Wednesday's grump and got very little done. I caught up with some friends and puttered and spent a long time watching the boys run around in the sprinklers. And isn't that what summer is suppose to be about? Kicking it down a notch?

On our way to school yesterday morning, Andrew (a self proclaimed lover of all things cold) looked up at the cloudy, foggy sky and told me: "It's still summer, but the clouds don't want it to be hot anymore, so they covered up the sun!" Just then we passed a woman on the sidewalk who overheard what he said and laughed. She and I exchanged "isn't he so cute" glances which I must say, makes me feel like a million bucks.

We are heading out of town today to see some family. Lovely weekends to you all!


S said...

Love the white-on-white title. Great layout.

Rachel said...

Glad it has cooled down a little bit.