Sunday, September 12, 2010

weekend away

When friends told us about Day Out With Thomas, I knew it would be one of those things that we would all love. The kids would go bananas and Dave and I would get a kick out of their going bananas. So we bought tickets and went!

Isaac generally has a very, very strong reaction to Thomas. When he first received a gift that was Thomas themed (at a year and a half) he trembled (trembled!) as he opened the gift. I had very high expectations for him. I couldn't wait to see his reaction to seeing a train-sized Thomas, and I knew if he acted indifferent about the whole thing, I would be a little disappointed.

Isaac did not disappoint:

Worth every penny, I tell you.

He had the same reaction the guy dressed up as Sir Topham Hat. He laughed and hid his face and laughed some more and called out "hat! hat!" and hid his face again. sooooo funny.

We took a short train ride in one of the coaches Thomas pulls.

After our ride, we saw some of the other attractions and then hung out at these (unused) tracks.

Then, when we got to the hotel, Isaac spent about an hour on the (unplugged) phone telling Sir Topham Hat all about his day. He would run to the phone, pick up, say "hello?" and then say a whole lot of mumbly jargon with "hat! hat!" thrown in. Then he'd hang up, run away, and run right back to do it again. He takes these things very seriously.

Thanks Thomas. We loved it. You sure know how to show our family a good time.


Tara Whalen said...

That sounds like a totally cool day! Glad you guys could go.

Melissa said...

LOVE these pictures! (How many times have I left that comment on your blog now?).

Reminds me that we should go to Ediville Railroad.

I like your hair, too.

Kirsten said...

I so wish I could have seen that! So cute. I'm glad you all had fun.

Danielle said...

Robyn! I LOVE the pic of Isaac playing with his toy train on the train tracks. What a fantastic shot!!!! Looks like a super fun day--your kids are beyond cute.

Mama V said...

This is just TOO MUCH! Priceless! Adorable! I seriously thought that Isaac was CRYING in that second shot! And it wouldn't surprise me if he did shed intense tears of joy. And what a joy it must have been for you and Dave to witness the boys having so much fun.

Ruth said...

How perfect! Fabulous photos.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

We did that with the boys a couple years ago at a place in Baltimore. They had such fun!

Cat said...

wow! Isaac is too much! I love his reaction!
Jake would have loved this also (but maybe not as much!!!!)
Great pics as always.

MandiCrocker said...

Oh my gosh... the pictures of Isaac with his little hands covering his face are just heartbreakingly sweet!!

Anonymous said...

So cute -- we have been wanting to do that. It actually comes to us pretty close in MA too. Isaac's face brought tears to my eyes. Priceless.